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 Formal Introductions!!!!!!!

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PostSubject: Formal Introductions!!!!!!!   Mon May 02, 2011 1:59 am

In case we forget...Here is everyones username along with their real name!

20RSX-S06 - Bobby(White guy)
SoloTypeS - Eric
Jamdc5 - James
04_K20a2 - Chalae
Chuckie02rsxS - Cha
20secA3 - Phong
Ukinayo_DC5 - Lou
1fastK - Josh
05_VBP - Isaac
!!!K20_I-VTEK!!! - Jose
Alex_04DC5 - Alex
levelone02 - Kevin
tbird - T
jyang225 - Josh
8ur civic - Tony
xamznaznx- Ben
02DC5_559- Junior
02_Type-Slow- Darith
PrimitiveRSX-S- Kao
PearlWhite_DC5- Trill
04-Integra-Type-S- Toua
leexiong05 - Lee
andrewbert- Andrew
johnm09- John
shinobi_gi- Brandon
Spaded311- Patrick
Str8Karma- Joe
Ramenpowereddc5- TOmTOm
mr. dc5 - Steven
cali831- Joel
SpartanDc5- Oscar JR
MilanoRedDC5 - Andy
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Formal Introductions!!!!!!!
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